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Below is a list of past members of the Women's Auxiliary to the SGVFD and information about the now disbanded society.

Some WA Members The Women's Auxiliary to the SGVFD was formed in 1975 to support the department through a diverse list of activities including:
  • Feeding the fire fighters on scene
  • Fire ground support
  • Monthly book sale fund-raiser with cookies and coffee
  • Used items sale held each May long weekend
Over the years the WA raised over $100,000.00 for the department and bought our first Tanker 3. The WA disbanded in 2002 and the monthly Book Sale came to an end in 2014. Thanks again for all the years of hard work and support!

Past Members:

Beach, Pat
Benger, Kathy
Bickerton, Ena
Coffey, Vimy
Darling, Dora
Davies, Joan
Davies, Loraine
Deal, Ester
Dodwell, Flo
Druce, Frances
Empey, Judy
Ford, Beryl
Gillespie, Ester
Grist, Jackie
Fairbank, Betty
Hansom, Dorothy
Harris, Betty
Johnson, Ella
Jones, Jean
Neale, Helen
Lilholt, Ingerlis
Linton, Phyllis
Lockwood, Jean
Middleton, Pat
MacDonald, Iola
MacGregor, Joyce
Morisette, Donna
Morisette, Lil
Mozley, Jean
Munsie, Mary
Newton, Josie
Park, Pat
Phillips, Marjorie
Richardson, Joan
Ripley, Shelia
Robertson, Edna
Selby-Hele, Dorothy
Sidders, Alexandrine
Smith, Jessie
Stanton, Doreen
Stevens, Isobel
Stevens, Lea
Stewart, Hilda
Thompson, Bea
Trimmer, Betty
Trueit, Keo
Tully, Jean
Waldenmaier, Annelies
Wickens, Gwen
Williams, Marion
Wilson, Jean
Wishart, Mimi
Wood, Joy
Woodbridge, Dorothy