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The SGVFD provides a wide range of services of both emergency and non-emergency services in the areas of Fire Surpression, Rescue, Medical, Fire Prevention, Inspections, Fire Permits and Addressing.


Addresses and Signage

Purchase a sign? The SGVFD assigns and maintains a list of street addresses for its fire district. Your address sign is not only used by 911 for Police, Fire and Ambulance but also by utility companies to find your location during storms and outages. A street address sign makes a major contribution for those responding during an emergency. Street address signs can be ordered from the SGVFD. These reflective signs come in vertical or horizontal configurations. The background colours are: black, green, yellow, red and blue. If you don't know your address or if you would like to order a sign through the SGVFD, contact us at (250) 539-2131 or email us at with your property legal description.

Auto Extrication

Hydraulic cutter SGVFD has a set of the "Jaws", reciprocating saw, cribbing, air bags, air chisels and other tools that are used to remove people from vehicles after an accident. Auto extrication equipment can also be used in building collapses.

Fire Danger Rating

Check danger rating The department keeps an up-to-date web page showing the current Fire Danger Rating. This page is updated regularly during the fire season and includes details on restrictions of High Risk Activities as well as a date the last change became active. Please click one of the links to check it out.

Fire Suppression

Putting out a fire Fire suppression is carried out at the SGVFD by a fleet of trucks and supporting equipment. Engine 1 is our main structure fire vehicle. Engine 2 supports Engine 1, does Medical Emergencies, and gets deep into the woods to fight forest fires. Tender 3 and Tender 4 are large capacity water carriers that suttle water to where it is needed. Click on In-service Trucks for pictures and more details. Supporting equipment includes portable pumps, portable lights, as well as, various specialized power and hand tools.

Fuel Spills

Fuel Spill Kit Fuel spills are not the responsibility of the SGVFD. However, the department will make an intial investigation and be available to assist other agencies involved.


Out for inspection The SGVFD carries out regular fire inspections on commercial premises within its fire district. Residential fire inspections are done by request.

Medical Emergencies

Medical Emergency SGVFD's fire fighters are medical First Responders supplementing and assisting BC Ambulance Service with critical medical calls such as cardiac arrest and traumatic injuries.


Fire Prevention The SGVFD works with agencies such as BC Wildfire Branch and Southern Gulf Islands Emergency Program to educate the public and help prevent forest fires.

Fire Permits

Get a Fire Permit! Fire Permits are part of the SGVFD's Fire Prevention program and are required and regulated through CRD Fire By-Law No. 3452.

Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue The SGVFD will assist the RCMP with Search and Rescue operations. The department is trained and equipped to carry out steep slope rescue.

Tsunami Warning

Tsunami Warning There are no local warning systems in place for a tsunami event. If time provides, a call-out would take place and along with the Provincial Emergency Program and the RCMP, the SGVFD would start an evacuation of affected areas. For more details on a localized tsunamis click on: Tsunami Information

For more information, please contact us by phone at (250) 539-2131 or email us at


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