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Restoration is now underway of our original fire truck. Below are photos and descriptions of it's journey through the years.

SGVFD's Orginal Fire Truck Don Robson, our first chief, saw an ad in the paper for a fire truck and in 1963 this 1947 Dodge Bickle pumper (on right) was bought used from the Langford fire department. SGVFD's Orginal Fire Truck Engine 1 has just arrived on the island with the Langford license plates still on and the langford name on the door. The truck is parked just up from the ferry dock and the reel hose is being tested out. Don, Carol and Fred Robson can be seen in this photo.
SGVFD's Orginal Fire Truck Many thanks to past fire fighter Bill Stevens who kept the truck safe for 30 years in his garage after the truck was retired in 1980. SGVFD's Orginal Fire Truck Here it is at the Lion's fiesta 2010 after the department took on the restoration project.
SGVFD's Orginal Fire Truck The fire fighters, Chief Jones and retired chief Chester Williams pass society president Dave Hutton a donation totalling $3,000.00 towards the restoration of Engine 1. SGVFD's Orginal Fire Truck The restoration is currently underway. The truck is being dismantled so parts can be cleaned, repaired and repainted.
SGVFD's Orginal Fire Truck Here's a front shot on E1 with it's new paint. SGVFD's Orginal Fire Truck Here's a side shot on E1 with it's new paint.