SGVFD Fire Danger Rating


Below is the current Fire Danger Rating for the South Galiano Fire Protection Area, based on a daily report from BC Wildfire Service. Updated regularly during the fire season, this page includes details on restrictions of High Risk Activities as well as a date of the last update.

Today's Fire Danger Rating: MODERATE

Current Fire Danger Rating
LAST UPDATED: 2019/05/13

Fire Department restrictions on High Risk Activities for:  MODERATE

Burn piles over 2 meters in diameter are currently not allowed. Burn piles under 2m are allowed by permit only. Campfires under 0.5m diameter are allowed in established fire pits with a water supply on hand. No permit required.

The Wildfire Act restrictions on High Risk Activities for:  MODERATE ( DGR III )

Restriction Duration
After 3 consecutive days of DGR III or greater, maintain a fire watcher after work for a minimum of one hour Until after the fire danger class falls below DGR III

Previous Rating Ended
HIGH ( DGR IV ) 2019/05/13

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