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Since the founding of the South Galiano Volunteer Fire Department in 1963, community volunteers have provided support as fire fighters, society directors and fundraisers with further support from all fire district taxpayers. This has allowed our fire department to grow as it fulfills its primary responsibility as a fire and rescue agency, while continually updating skills and equipment to provide a professional service with advanced technology.

Current Fire Danger Rating
Updated 2017/09/22
Restrictions No restrictions    more...
Permits No Permits, No Open Burning    more...

You are likely aware that our province is currently experiencing many forest fires. This means resources for forest fire fighting are spread thin. As lightning is uncommon in our area, the 3 main causes of forest fires here are:
  • campfires
  • cigarettes
  • yard clean-up burning
We would ask people to remember that open burning, campfires and high risk activities are not permitted.

If you are a smoker, remember that cigarettes are designed not to go out by themselves. Please fully extinguish your cigarettes and dispose of the butt safely.

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For more information, please contact us by phone at (250) 539-2131 or email us at info@gvfd.ca.


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